Profil Bharat Forge CDP


Geschichte 2014 Bharat Forge CDP

Reorientation of the mechanical processing and commissioning of the production lines for serial processing of complex hybrid parts


Geschichte 2012 Bharat Forge CDP

40 years anniversary at Daun


Geschichte 2010 Bharat Forge CDP

Investment in modern 5-axis simultaneous processing tool-making machines


Outsourcing of the mechanical processing of chassis components


Geschichte 2007 Bharat Forge CDP

Bharat Forge Daun has become an independent company within the Bharat Forge Group


Geschichte 2005 Bharat Forge CDP

Extension of the division to include mechanical processing. Several million euros were invested to extend the capacity for the car and lorry divisions. This uses high-performance multi-spindle 5 axis technology for serial production. At the same time, automated facilities were introduced to increase efficiency. With the use of 5 axis processing centres, new standards were set in tool-making.


Profilbild Kalyani Bharat Forge CDP

CDP is being taken over by the Indian company Bharat Forge Limited.


Geschichte 1997 Bharat Forge CDP

The entry into HSC technology sets new standards in production with regard to processing time and product quality.


Geschichte 1989 Bharat Forge CDP

Welding operations with associated heat and surface treatment have been implemented for repairs and forging dies



Another hall has been built in which facilities for mechanically processing serial parts have been installed and commissioned.


Other halls for tool making have been put into operation



Since, 1978 the company has been working hard to optimise forging tools. Measures have been introduced to improve tool life, repair times and product quality. After introducing spark erosion (PLT), CNC technology, form grinding of graphite electrodes, flood welding and CAD / CAM technology, we achieved our goals by the 1980s.


Geschichte 1972 Bharat Forge CDP

In January 1972, the Daun factory with the adjacent apprentice work were set up as a competence centre for tools and an extended workbench from the company Carl Dan Peddinghaus (Ennepetal) that had existed since 1839.

175 years of BHARAT FORGE CDP

A  PDF download of our 175th anniversary presentation is available here.

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